How to Play the Icebreaker Ball Game

How to Play the Icebreaker Ball Game. Icebreaker games provide a creative way for a group of unacquainted people to learn more about one another. This icebreaker ball game is appropriate for all ages and suits virtually any social setting ranging from a child's birthday party to a business gathering.

Instruct participants to form a circle.

Toss the ball to one participant. Ask that person to say "hello" and state her name while holding the ball. For instance she would say, "Hi, my name is Amy."

Tell the ball holder to toss the ball to another participant. The next person to catch the ball must say "hello" to the person who threw it to him and then introduce himself to the group. In other words, he would say, "Hi, Amy. My name is Daniel."

Repeat Step 3 until everyone has caught the ball and introduced himself.

Determine whether you'd like to extend the length of the game. If so, direct participants to continue tossing the ball with the ball holder sharing a piece of personal information about himself before tossing it to the next person. Examples of personal information include the participant's pet's name, what he does for a living or even something off-beat like what he had for breakfast that morning.