How to Pickle cucumbers

So you have worked so hard all spring in your garden, weeding, watering, tilling and sweating.... Finally it has payed off and all them yummy cucumbers are multiplying and soon enough they will consume your garden. So lets pickle!

Make sure you pick your cucumbers before they are over ripe. One good way to tell is by the warts on the skin, when your cucumber is to ripe the warts begin to fade and smooth out, so the more warts the better. you want to make sure that they are firm not soft, otherwise you will have mushy pickles.

Your local grocer should have ready to make pickle seasoning packets, Ms. Wages is my favorite. With this seasoning packet all you need to do is mix the packet with water and bring to a boil.

While you are waiting for this to boil you can sterilize your jars, I just run my through the dishwasher. In a separate pan bring your lids to a boil as well, just let them boil until you are ready to use them, I take them right out of the boiling water and cap up my ready filled jars.

Slice your cucumbers length wise and pack them into your jars, once your pickling mix comes to a boil poor into your jars leaving 1/2" of head space, and quickly lid jars.

Once all your jars are filled you will need to give them a water bath. To do this simply place your pickle jars in your canner pot and fill with water and bring to a boil for five to ten minutes. Carefully remove jars with out pressing on the lids, and listen for the pops, this tells you that your jars have sealed.