How to Organize Purses

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Make sure your purses stay in great condition while making the most of your closet space. When you store your handbags, always use a dust cover to protect the fabric from dust, dirt, scratches and fading. If you don’t have dust bags for all of your purses, you can use old pillowcases and fold over the tops or tie them with ribbon. Clear storage bins are another option for out of season bags, and they can hide under the bed or on the closet floor. You can attach a list or photos of the purses inside to each bin to make them easier to find.

Organize by Type

Structured bag: It's best to store a structured bag right side up on a shelf that does not compress the bag. You can also fill it with crumpled craft paper to help preserve the shape.

Shoulder bags: Purses of all sizes that will lay flat when empty can be stacked on shelves or in bins without damaging their shape. These bags can also be hung on the wall or a coat rack. Keep them out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Hobo and drawstring bags: Because of the unusual shape of these bags, they are best stored in a basket or a clear container with a lid and placed on a shelf or under the bed. Bind long straps with an elastic band, and place them inside the bag before storing to keep them in good condition.

Small purses and clutches: These bags can fit easily into hanging shoe racks, storage containers or on a shelf. If you want to add personal style to a room, arrange ornate versions on bookshelves and dresser tops.