How to Order an In-N-Out Burger using the Secret Menu

Mel Bouzad/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In-N-Out hamburger stores are common throughout Southern California, but they have branched out to Las Vegas and Texas too. The basic menu consists of the Double Double burger as well as cheeseburgers, hamburgers, french fries and shakes. The restaurant also serves soft drinks, lemonade, iced tea, milk and coffee. Some customers, however, may not know that they can order different items using the store's secret menu.

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Choose an item from the In-N-Out secret menu provided at the company's website (see Resources). These orders consist of the Double Meat, with two meat patties, with or without onions; Grilled Cheese, which has no meat; the 3x3, with three patties and three slices of cheese; the 4x4, with four patties and four slices of cheese; the Protein Style, in which your favorite burger is wrapped in lettuce rather than a bun; and the American Style, a burger with extra sauce and meat fried in mustard, topped with pickles and grilled onions.

Check out what additional items other In-N-Out fans have successfully ordered. For instance, the Serious Eats website notes that the Flying Dutchman dish is just meat and cheese -- no bun. But you can also have some toppings placed on the side. In addition, you can try cheese fries, well-done fries, half-and-half shakes or root beer floats