How to Mend Shoelaces

When the ends of your shoelaces fray, it's tempting to get a new pair of laces to make your shoes look smart. However, new laces may look strange with your old shoes. The problem with shoelaces is usually a broken aglet--that's the metal or plastic sleeve at the end of the fabric lace. There are many ways to fix aglets, even with materials from around the home.

Wind two or three layers of adhesive tape around the end of the shoelaces to form new aglets. Trim the ends to a suitable length. This is a quick, cheap way to repair laces.

Light a candle and drip hot wax onto the ends of the shoelaces. Roll the aglets between your fingers and let the wax harden. You can also use soldering resin and sealing wax.

Soak the ends of your shoelaces in glue and let them dry. This forms hardened aglets. Choose a brand that is clear when dry.

Create a new aglet by wrapping thread tightly around the end of the shoelace and dipping the wrapped end in glue. Lay one end of the thread along the shoelace and wrap over it leaving a loop sticking out. Secure the other end of the thread by feeding it through the loop and tying a knot.

Use a lighter to fuse the ends of the shoelaces if they are made from a synthetic material.

Buy heatshrink tubing and slip it over the ends of your laces. Heat it with a hairdryer or a flame. Heatshrink tubing is available in a wide range of colors. Transparent tubing matches any pair of shoes.