How to Make Pre-shave Oil

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Anyone can benefit from a good pre-shave oil, especially those who are frequently left with rashes after shaving. A pre-shave oil is applied to your face before you put on shaving cream to moisturize your face and provide protection against razor burn. The oils softens the facial hairs and makes them stand up, which facilitates a close shave. Castor oil and olive oil are both good conditioning oils for hair and face, and can be used as moisturizers in place of commercially-prepared creams and lotions. Adding a few drops of an essential oil provides a nice fragrance.

Pour 1 cup Castor oil, 1/2 cup olive oil and 5 drops of sandalwood essential oil into a tinted glass or plastic container with a lid. Shake the container up well to mix the ingredients.

Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand before you begin shaving, after washing and drying your face. Rub your palms together to distribute the oil on both palms, then rub the oil on your face. Let the oil penetrate for two minutes, while you wash the oil off your hands, then apply your shaving cream and shave in the usual manner.

Put the lid on your your pre-shave oil and store it in a cool, dark place. It should keep fresh for about six months.