How to Make Perfume Body Powder

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Many people prefer making their own custom perfume body powders because they may be allergic to additives used in store-bought powders. Homemade powders will make you feel silky, soft and scented, and the following simple powder recipe is natural and may be more healthful and less irritating than talcum powder.

Gather all your ingredients. You'll need 3/4 cup of cornstarch. You can even get organic cornstarch at health food stores to make your perfume body powder really green and healthy.

Make your perfume body powder. Pour the cornstarch into the jar. Add 2 drops or two sprays of your perfume to the powder. Put on the lid and shake very well. Open the lid and put 1 more drop or spray into the jar, cap and shake again. Finally, remove the lid again, place the powder puff on top of the perfume body powder, and close the lid until use.

Use the perfume body powder properly. Apply it with the powder puff, shaking off excess back into the jar before applying, as cornstarch can lump a little more easily than talc. Replace the lid quickly to retain the scent.

Make your own collection or custom blends of perfume body powder. Create several jars of using different perfumes, or use essential oils, such as lavender, chamomile and mint. You can even experiment with blends to create your own signature powder.