How to Make Money Selling Wedding Invitations & Party Favors

by Larraine Stacey ; Updated September 28, 2017

Selling wedding invitations and favors can provide big profits.

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The wedding business is always a good way to make money. Even in a slow economy, people will go all out for weddings. Starting your own business of selling wedding invitations and favors takes planning, but can provide a big payoff. Start up costs are minimal, especially if you already have your own printer and ink. With your own website, you can be selling 24/7 and pulling in profits daily.

Wedding Invitations

Set goals and make decisions. Decide if you're going to sell ready-made invitations or use your computer to personalize and create them. Selling preprinted invitations for profit is less work and less profit. Creating your own personalized invitations may take longer, but results in much more income.

It is very important to decide if you're going to charge a deposit or down payment. You don't want to purchase supplies with your own money, then find out the wedding is cancelled or your client changed their mind. If you get a down payment to purchase the supplies, then you won't be out anything, other than losing your profit. If you do charge a down payment, decide if it is also important to make it clear whether the deposit is non-refundable or refundable within a specific time frame.

Next decide on pricing of all your products. Will you have discounts for bulk orders? What about referrals? Check out lots of wholesale products and decide on which ones you want to use. For example, most wedding favors are made in China and are very inexpensive. Don't worry too much about the quality since most favors are simply tossed anyway. However, stay open to some nicer favors for clients who want to spend the money for better items.

Where will you be selling your products? In today's marketplace a website is a must. Not only will it be open 24/7, it reaches more people and saves money over having a store and all the expenses that go along with it. Make sure you spend wisely on a website and make it look professional and appealing. Your website itself can make or break your business.

Now it's time to get the word out that you're open for business. Make sure your website is registered with search engines. Use your computer to create your own business cards and hand them out at bridal shops and florists. Use websites like Craigslist to sell your wedding services.


  • Don't underestimate your time and value. Check out other similar services to help determine your pricing.

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