How to Make Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag for Kids


0:00 I am Wendy Monroe was simply food if I

0:07 and today we are going to be making ice

0:09 cream in a bag and this is Daphne in

0:12 Phoenix and they're here helping me what

0:16 you'll need is a gallon sized bag half

0:19 full with ice for each one this each one

0:22 of these is going to make one scoop of

0:24 ice cream then you'll need six

0:27 tablespoons of coarse salt 1 tablespoon

0:32 of sugar a half a cup of half-and-half

0:35 and a quarter teaspoon of vanilla okay

0:39 so okay we're going to put 6 tablespoons

0:43 of coarse salt into each gallon sized

0:45 bag

1:00 this will get an extra cold

1:11 ok 6 ok yeah now Phoenix this is your

1:19 bag we're going to put 1 tablespoon of

1:26 sugar each bag

1:36 okay half a cup of half-and-half into

1:40 each bag one for you one for you okay

1:55 and then a quarter teaspoon of vanilla

1:58 extract and we're just pour this over

2:01 the sinks I don't get too much in your

2:02 bag whoopsie one

2:11 now seal those up and put them into

2:15 these big bags seal it yeah and then put

2:22 it into the big bag and then seal that

2:27 one get all the air out and we want to

2:41 get it into the ice get it really

2:44 covered device so now you're going to

2:48 shake it shake the bag for five minutes

2:50 and then it'll turn into ice cream

2:59 all right go ahead and open it now you

3:01 want to wipe off the rim so you don't

3:03 get salt into the ice cream lets you can

3:05 do with your fingers so it's fine

3:09 Phoenix you want your word okay yeah and

3:19 then just scoop it out into the bowl you

3:26 can use your finger we washed your eyes

3:28 I see all right

3:40 that's ice cream in a bag

3:52 you