How to Make Chocolate Massage Lotion

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Massage lotions enhance the overall experience of the massage by lubricating the skin and supplying sensual aromas. When the skin is well lubricated, even the slightest touch feels smooth and sexy.This recipe moisturizes extremely well and provides great lubrication for a romantic massage. It smells chocolaty and decadent without making your skin sticky or staining your sheets or clothing.

Bring water to a slow boil in the bottom of a double boiler. Add the top pan to the boiler. Turn off heat, and add the one ounce block of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter naturally smells like chocolate, hence the name, and will be our main ingredient. Allow the cocoa butter to melt, swirling the pan until it has completely liquefied.

Measure 1/2 oz. of almond oil. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and is good for the skin. This oil will also help keep our massage lotion light and smooth instead of thick and clumpy. Add the almond oil to the cocoa butter and swirl the pan until well combined. You can also stir with a metal spoon.

Remove the double boiler from the heat and allow the cocoa butter and almond oil to cool. Skipping this step causes the chocolate massage oil to lose a lot of its fragrance. You want the oil just slightly warmer than room temperature. At this point, test the lotion consistency. If you want the massage lotion to be thinner and more liquid, return to the heat and add more almond oil. If you like a thicker lotion, like body butter, return your boiler to the heat and add more cocoa butter. Always cool the mixture before proceeding to the next step.

Mix, stir, whip or combine (depending on your desired thickness) the chocolate flavored essential oils. Start with five drops and add more to achieve the chocolate scent you want, up to about fifteen drops. You can also add optional food coloring at this stage if you'd like your massage lotion to more closely resemble chocolate.

Make sure all ingredients are well combined and pour out into a clean glass container with a lid. Create custom labels if you'd like, with your and your partner's names. This adds a little extra romantic touch to your massage experience.