How to Make a Wooden Cupcake Stand

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Display your cupcakes for a party or event by placing the sweet treats on a wooden cupcake stand. Cupcake stands allow for a decorative display and provide extra space for serving cupcakes to a large number of guests. In fact, in the last decade, cupcakes have become a popular alternative to wedding cakes at wedding receptions. But just because there may not be a wedding cake doesn't mean the reception will lack elegance and style. Creating a wooden cupcake stand will show off your cupcakes as a beautiful work of art.

Spray paint two short pieces of PVC pipe in the color you desire and set aside to dry.

Draw two circles on thin wood such as plywood. The first circle should be 13 inches in diameter. The second circle should be 10 inches in diameter. Cut out the circles using a saw or a scroll saw for easier cutting. Be sure to wear safety goggles when cutting.

Cut two circles of fabric slightly larger than each of the wooden circles and attach each piece of fabric to the respective circle with spray adhesive. Wrap the extra fabric on the underside of each circle to conceal the edges of the wood and use spray adhesive to seal.

Set the largest wooden circle on top of the cake pedestal and wrap the edges of the circle in ribbon using fabric glue until you wrap the entire way around the circle.

Glue one piece of PVC pipe to the center of the large circle.

Glue the underside of the smaller circle to the top of the PVC pipe.

Wrap the edges of the smaller circle in ribbon using fabric glue until you wrap the entire way around the circle.

Arrange your cupcakes on the wooden cupcake stand.

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