How to Make a Warming Lotion

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Massage oils and lotions are used for their therapeutic benefits as well as their benefits in intimacy. They are made in many flavors and scents, but the thing that makes a warming lotion or oil stand out, is just that, the warming properties possessed by the lotion. The level of warmth depends on the herbal oils used and the capability they have to create a warming sensation. Friction from rubbing the lotion or oil into the skin increases the warming effect. Perfect for any part of the body, warming lotion or oil is particularly soothing to sore or tired muscles.

Add 4 tsp. of cocoa butter to the mixing bowl. Turn over and over with the spatula until it is smooth and uniform.

Add 2 drops rosemary oil to cocoa butter and mix well until smooth again.

Add 1 drop of lavender oil and 1 drop of eucalyptus oil to rosemary and cocoa butter mixture. Blend with spatula until smooth.

Apply lotion using two hands in a circular massaging motion for maximum benefit. The rosemary will warm during the massage providing additional heat to benefit the areas that the lotion is being rubbed onto. This lotion is excellent for use on sore muscles because of the heating effect, but can be used anywhere on the body for a relaxing massage.