What Are the Benefits of Aromatherapy Facials?

woman receiving facial massage

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During an aromatherapy facial, a qualified esthetician analyzes your skin and determines which essential oils will most benefit your skin type. The esthetician then steams your face and applies a scrub or facial peel to clean out any clogged pores. The spa professional also adds certain essential oils into the facial mask to complement your personal preferences for a specific scent or mood.


Having a facial treatment is usually a relaxing experience, which can be enhanced with the use of an essential oil with relaxing or stress-relieving properties. Some essential oils are known for their ability to induce relaxation, such as lavender and peppermint, which are also good for sensitive skin or skin prone to rashes. The University of Maryland Medical Center points out that lavender is often useful for people suffering from eczema or acne. Some estheticians will recommend a blend of lavender or rose oils, which is good for use on all skin types.

Soothe the Skin

Some essential oils have skin-soothing properties. Lavender and rose are well-known for their ability to calm irritated skin. However, other oils, such as tea tree, geranium or lemongrass can soothe acne-prone skin and bring the skin back into balance. Some oils, such as tea tree, have astringent properties, which can help to regulate oily skin. The CNN Health website states that tea tree oil may reduce inflammation on lesions for people suffering from acne. A mixture of several essential oils may be recommended if your skin is particularly problematic. Certain blends can also help combination skin, such as a blend of tea tree oil and patchouli, which can moisturize dry skin.


Certain essential oils can be used in combination with an exfoliating treatment such as a facial scrub or peel, especially if you want to get rid of rough, flaky or dry skin. Exfoliation is generally beneficial for most skin types, although caution is advised for those with sensitive skin. Essential oils that may have exfoliating properties include lemongrass, basil and tea tree oil.