How to Make a Strawberry Protein Shake


0:06 hi darren mcdonald for total trainer and

0:09 today i'm going to show you how to make

0:10 a delicious strawberry protein shake now

0:13 who doesn't love strawberries they're

0:16 not only tastes great but they're full

0:18 of vitamin C antioxidants and some

0:20 recent studies showed that they may help

0:22 regulate blood sugar levels so what

0:26 we're going to show you here today is

0:27 important to note that your strawberries

0:30 or any fruit that you use for protein

0:32 shakes and smoothies you want to try and

0:33 freeze them the night the night before

0:35 this helps the protein shakes to be more

0:38 thick and also less watery so our first

0:42 shake is is the basic strawberry protein

0:45 shake now we're going to take about a

0:48 half of a cup of milk and in this case

0:50 we're using coconut milk low-fat coconut

0:52 milk but you could actually use regular

0:55 milk cows milk or goat milk we're going

0:58 to mix in a scoop or two of vanilla

1:00 protein powder or a berry protein powder

1:04 about a half a cup of water and ate

1:07 frozen strawberries mix that with a

1:10 little bit of Splenda or stevia to

1:12 sweeten it to your taste now once we're

1:14 done with all that all we simply do

1:17 throw it on the blender mix it up

1:23 and when you're done simply unscrew the

1:28 top pour it in your favorite glass and

1:31 there you have it your simple strawberry

1:34 protein shake and now for something

1:37 extra special I'm going to show you how

1:39 to make a strawberry protein shake

1:41 that's a strawberry cheesecake protein

1:44 shake so to do that we're going to take

1:47 our our mixer here we're going to pour

1:49 about 1 cup of water we're going to mix

1:53 that with a scoop of protein powder and

1:57 about 1 cup of low-fat ricotta cheese as

2:02 you can see here that gives us our

2:06 cheesecake feeling and of course we're

2:09 going to finish that off by adding

2:11 several strawberries into the mixture

2:14 and then close up our container and then

2:20 we're going to mix and when you're done

2:25 simply remove your container and you

2:28 have a delicious strawberry cheesecake

2:31 protein shake now remember you can

2:37 always add a little stevia or splenda to

2:41 your shakes in order to make them a

2:43 little bit sweeter and that's how you

2:45 make a strawberry protein shake I'm dare

2:49 McDonald for total trainer saying

2:50 remember be good to your metabolism and

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