How to Make a Rice Necklace

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Rice jewelry charms go on necklaces, bracelets and other adornments. These interesting jewelry pieces consist of art or words painted on a single grain of rice. Learning how to make your own rice necklace is a creative jewelry making project that provides you with the opportunity to adorn yourself with interesting pieces or give them as gifts to friends and loved ones. This technique takes practice and a steady hand to master.

Place the rice on a sheet of paper. Hold the magnifying glass over the grain of rice. This helps you "zoom in," for precision. Alternatively, you can use a set of jeweler's magnifying glasses or a magnifying eyepiece for freedom to use both hands.

Use your free hand to gently sweep on your initials or name, if it fits, down the length of the grain of rice. Use a very fine-tipped paint marker in any color you like. Let it dry for 5 minutes.

Hold a can of spray fixative (found in craft or art supply shops) about 5 inches from the rice. Spray a fine mist of the fixative over the painted rice. This "locks" the design you painted on and keeps it from running off when it is submerged in liquid in a later step.

Drop the grain of rice into the pendant vial or bottle. Sometimes called "fairy bottles," these items are found in craft stores in the jewelry making supply section. Use a tiny size that is under 1/4 ounce.

Fill the little vial, or bottle, with coconut carrier oil. Alternatively, you can use water, but the oil looks different with the painted rice in it. The reason the oil looks different than just water is because the change in viscosity allows it to slightly magnify the painted grain of rice a little more than water. However, water serves as an adequate liquid choice for magnifying and floating your painted grain of rice. Cork the pendant bottle with its cork finding and slide it onto a pendant chain.