How to Make a Leather Jacket Softer

There is nothing that feels as good as slipping on your favorite butter-soft flexible leather jacket. It is old and worn in and seems to fit you as well as your own skin. But it takes years of wear to make your leather feel like this. So you may be wondering how to make a new leather jacket softer and worn without damaging it. While it will still take some time, it is a rather easy project.

Apply a leather conditioner such as Obenauf's Leather Oil (see Resources below) with a microfiber towel. This kind of product protects and moisturizes your leather jacket while making it pliable.

Continue to rub in the leather conditioner with firm strokes of the towel. Work it deep into the leather for the best results.

After you have gotten the entire jacket coated with the conditioner, you need to crumple it up. Use your hands to scrunch the leather from the shoulders all the way to the cuffs. This helps get the conditioner deep down in all the crevices in the leather, which will make it more pliable and soft.

Apply another coat of the conditioner and aim a blow dryer on medium heat at the jacket. You just want to warm it, which will cause the leather to soak up and seal in the conditioner. Keep the dryer moving at all times, and don't get closer than 6 inches.

Use the microfiber towel to buff the jacket to a good shine. You should be able to feel the difference in the flexibility and softness of the leather.