How to Make a Baseball Diamond Cake

Birthday parties are already a good time for the person they are celebrating. Providing a baseball fan with a baseball diamond-shaped cake is a great way to make the day just a little more special. Thankfully, this is a gift that isn’t too hard to make. A baseball diamond, after all, has a regular shape that is easy to create with the baking equipment you probably have in your kitchen. Best of all, making your own themed cake means you get to decorate it (and eat some frosting while you work).

Decide what the flavor of your baseball-themed cake will be. There’s always the standard chocolate and vanilla (and a swirl of the two), but you can also choose a delicious coconut cake, or a carrot cake if that’s what the birthday boy or girl would like. As you’ve decided to make a baseball diamond cake, the design is somewhat set for you, so consider being creative with the inside of the cake.

Locate a cake recipe of the flavor that you would like. Sites such as Recipes 4 Cakes have a wide variety, but cake recipes can be found in countless cookbooks as well. You can also find low-fat options, no-bake recipes and more.

Bake the cake you’re going to decorate in a square baking pan, even if the recipe doesn’t specifically call for it to be done this way. This will get you the proper diamond shape. (If you can’t find one, you could always bake the cake in a rectangular pan and simply cut the cake into a square.) Because you’re baking the cake in a different pan than the one suggested, keep more of an eye on it to make sure it cooks thoroughly (and doesn’t burn). The baker/blogger at Let Her Eat Cake features a recipe for a raisin-based cake that looks very, very good and would serve as a good foundation for your baseball diamond.

Cover the cooled cake with green frosting using a spreader. This will serve as the grass of the baseball diamond, of course. Keep the layer thin and make it very flat if you like the Astroturf look. For a more naturalistic appearance for your baseball diamond cake, allow irregularities in the surface to mimic real grass. If you don’t have green frosting, try adding green food coloring to white (vanilla) frosting to get the same effect. If the frosting is too light, simply add more food coloring.

Set a 3-inch ring of brown (dirt-colored) frosting on your baseball diamond cake; this serves as the home plate area. Put 2-inch squares of brown frosting at the remaining three corners of the cake. These are where the bases will go. You can either paint them on the cake with white frosting or put square colored candy where each base should go. (Don’t forget home plate!)

Finish up your design by planting the pitcher’s mound right in the middle of the cake. Add the final touches, using white frosting to put the rubber on the pitcher’s mound and to draw the basepaths between home plate and first and third. Baseball Almanac features drawings that will allow you to be very precise with your diamond if that’s what you want. Otherwise, decorate for fun.