How to Mail Girl Scout Cookies

Perhaps you want to send Girl Scout cookies to someone outside of the United States, or to someone in the few places where they are not sold. Rather than having them arrive broken or otherwise in bad condition, there is a proper way to mail them. Share the joy of cookies sold by the Girl Scouts, both to those selling them and to the person who receives them in excellent shape.

Send cookies that are durable to avoid breakage. Shortbreads like Lemonades, Thanks a Lots and Trefoils are ideal for the mail. Even though each flavor comes in its own package, they can have a rough trip and they are susceptible to breakage, so cookies that are dry stand a definite chance of arriving unscathed.

Do not send cookies that can melt in transit. Occasionally, packages are subject to high temperatures during their trip so you must be careful about what you send. Cookies such as Do-Si-Dos contain peanut butter in the middle and high heat can make them virtually inedible. The same goes for Tagalongs that also contain peanut butter and are coated with chocolate.

Place packing materials in the open spaces of your package before you mail it. Bubble wrap is perfect for packing, but anything will do so long as the cookies do not move in the package.

Avoid placing boxes of Girl Scout cookies directly on either the top or bottom of the package. Heavier boxes will likely be placed on top of your package and you'll run the risk of having the cookies broken while in transit.

Send the cookies by overnight delivery to preserve the freshness of them. If you don't want to bear the extra charge by sending them in this fashion, write “fragile” on all sides of the package.