How to Loosen the Back of a Bathing Suit That Is Too Tight

It can sometimes be difficult to find the right size clothing. Sometimes it seems that the right bathing suit is either too large, or just a bit too tight. For those who purchase the small bathing suit, they may intend to lose some weight before the summer begins, in hopes of fitting into the suit. Fortunately, there is an easier method to getting a tight bathing suit to fit, whether the whole suit is too large or just one area, such as the back.

Rinse the bathing suit under cool water. Wring the water out. Repeat this step several more times. Rinsing and wringing the bathing suit will help to stretch it out.

Hold each side of the back of the bathing suit in your hands. Gently pull it out on each side. Repeat this step pulling up and down.

Put on the bathing suit. Wear the bathing suit until it dries. As the bathing suit is worn, the back will stretch out more and dry to fit the shape of your back.