How to Lace Vintage Boots

by David Lipscomb ; Updated September 28, 2017

Tying vintage boots is part comfort and part fashion statement.

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Vintage boots evoke the style of another era. Whether it's the go-go style of the 1960s or vintage work boots from the 1930s. Regardless of the overall style of the vintage boot, lacing techniques that keep the footwear secure while offering maximum flexibility around the ankle and top of the foot will maintain both comfort and style.

Route the boot lace through the bottom left eyelet.

Cross the lace up behind the remaining eyelet pairs, coming out of the upper right hole.

Cross the lower end of the boot lace across the lower pair of eyelets on the outside.

Cross diagonally to the next eyelet, then across. Continue doing this until you reach the middle pair of eyelets.

Lace down the boot in the same manner with the other end of the lace, until both tips meet at the middle pair of eyelets.

Wrap excess lace around the ankle once, then tie in the middle as normal for a true vintage look.

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