How to Keep Makeup Brushes Soft

Anyone who wears makeup regularly is likely to have more than one makeup brush, but not everyone takes the time to maintain them. If left uncleaned and untreated, the bristles will become hard, brittle and stiff. Seriously abused brushes will start shedding bristles, sometimes on their users' faces. If you like your brushes, take good care of them by treating them regularly with this process.

Rinse each brush thoroughly with lukewarm tap water. Run through the brush bristles with your fingers to make sure that each bristle is exposed to the water, and massage away the caked-on makeup until each brush is perfectly clean.

While the brush heads are still wet, squirt a little dab of hair conditioner into your hand and gently work it into the bristles of each brush. When each brush head is coated, lay them on the counter or on the edge of the sink while you wash the conditioner off your hands.

Allow the conditioner to set for about 90 seconds.

Rinse each brush head again, making sure that all of the conditioner has been rinsed out completely.

Shake the excess water off each brush and use your fingers to firmly compress each brush's bristles to squeeze out as much water as possible.

Dry your hands completely with a towel, and then dry each brush. Be very delicate when drying the bristles. You'll be able to towel-dry each brush head most of the way, but not all of the way. Allow your brushes to air dry for at least two hours before storing them away in any type of enclosed container.