How to Keep from Going Bald!

Have you resigned yourself to having no hair just like your Dad? Is your head bald and you stomach bulging? Do you know that it doesn't have to be that way? Learn why you lose your hair and how to stop hair loss and restore what you've already lost.

Why? Why am I losing my hair? Is it genetic? Yes and No! Terrible answer! The truth is that genetics do cause hair loss because your body absorbs nutrients in the way your DNA patterns dictate. The answer also is No! It is not genetics that makes your hair fall out. The reason your hair is falling out is because your body isn't absorbing nutrients from your colon. You nutritional absorption is also the reason your stomach is bloated and could be played as a bass drum.
The number one culprit in hair loss is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) absorption. That's right! Soda, Pop, Coke, whatever you want to call those nasty, syrupy drinks that you consume in the name of hydration are robbing you of you hair. CO2 has open bonds that form with the toxic waste byproducts in your colon. These bonds produce a slim or build up in your colon that produces gases that fill your abdomen. Not only can't the nutrients get to your body, but the gas can't escape either. At least not all of it! Nine out of ten men losing their hair will also have a bulging midsection.

How to stop hair loss? Replace the CO2 in your body with water. I drink distilled water as it is the purest, but any water will wash out your system. Try to avoid chlorinated water as the chlorine causes other problems. If that is all you have, it is better than Soda! As you start to wash your body out, add fiber to scrub those intestine walls clean. You don't need to buy a colon cleanser. You need to add fibers that you know will pass right through you. You know what I'm talking about, the food products that give you a bowel movement almost as soon as you leave the table. A doctor once told me that you only need two things in your medicine cabinet; prunes and cheese. Eat prunes when you can't go and cheese when you can't stop going!
When you are trying to cleanse your colon for nutrient absorption, stay away from cheeses and foods with yeasts like bread and beer. As your body adjusts, you can slowly introduce these foods back into your systems but not CO2.
It should take six weeks to cleanse the colon and restore blood flow back to the colon. You will notice some pretty awful stools and even worse gas. You can be polite and leave the room, or use the by-products to gain control of the TV remote!

How to restore what has been taken! The best way to restore hair is through circulation. Once you have started your routine, begin to massage your scalp when shampooing. If you must lie on the couch, hang your head upside down once an hour for a few minutes. There is a strong correlation between the scalp being the highest point of the body and lack of circulation. Have you noticed that bald men still have hair on their chests? Why is that? Because they still have circulation flowing around the most vital organs, heart, liver, lungs. The brain is protected by a Blood Barrier that keeps the circulation going. Ask your wife for a head massage. Get some oil on that head and work it through. Make shower and shampoo a ritualistic stimulating of the hair follicles.
Finally vitamin E and all the B vitamins are very important for hair growth. Take a good grade of multiple vitamins each day. Do not take just the B vitamins as they will cause deficiencies in other vitamins.

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