How to Julienne Onions

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Julienning foods is a means of cutting them so they cook quickly while retaining their thin, sticklike shape. Also called matchstick cutting, julienning is most commonly used with vegetables. Preparing julienne onions allows them to be added to a variety of recipes, from soups to sauces. This task may appear daunting to many home cooks; however, with a sharp knife, a steady hand and slow technique built up over time, cutting julienne onions is the perfect skill to add to a cooking repertoire.

Cut both ends off the onions, the top and root bottom, and discard them.

Cut one long slit in the side, only as deep as the peel. Remove the peel by lifting it up on one side of the slit and pulling it away from the onion. Discard the peel.

Cut the onion in half down the length, so it creates a half-circle shape, and lay one of the halves, flat side down, on the cutting board.

Cut the onion into thin strips, about 1/16-inch thick if possible, starting at the right end of the onion and moving to the left.

Repeat step 3 and 4 with the other half of the onion.

Separate all the cut onion pieces with your fingers.