How to Jar Crispy Pickles

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Crisp pickles add tangy crunch to a sandwich and make an enjoyable treat by themselves. If you have a bumper crop of cucumbers, jarring some for pickles is a good alternative to spoilage. Pickle lovers that prefer crispy cukes over dense soggy ones should put some up in jars. Jarring your own pickles allows you to tweak the pickling recipe to your own tastes and will give you loads of crunch all year round. Get crispy pickles by using a "low heat" method and the right kitchen equipment.

Wash four small pickles -- enough for one canning jar -- under cool water. Pat them dry with paper towels.

Place the pickles on a cutting board, slicing off the ends and cutting each into four long sections.

Place your canning jar in a deep pot. Cover the jar with water and bring the pot to the boiling point on a high heat. Add the lid and lid cap to the boiling water. Once the water boils, turn off the heat.

Pour the pickling mixture into a non-metal pan. Follow the instructions on the packet for the amount of water you'll need. If making your own pickling mixture, add vinegar, salt and dill to taste.

Heat the pickling mixture on medium. Remove the hot jar from the water using tongs. Place the pickle spears in the jar lengthwise. Pour the liquid over the pickle spears. Fill to 1/4-inch of the rim. Place the lids and the caps on the jars. Tighten them in place.

Place a canning pot or a large pot on the stove. Position the jar of pickles in the canner and cover it with 1 inch of water. Allow the submersed jar to boil for 30 minutes. Turn off the heat and carefully remove the jar with tongs. The jars are finished when the center of the lid does not pop.