How to Identify Lucchese Boots

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Lucchese boots are one of the finest brands of boots on the market, known for their high quality and exquisite style. The Lucchese Boot Company was formed in 1887 by 20-year-old Sam Lucchese in San Antonio, Texas. Several of the Lucchese family members worked at the business and quickly became knows for their quality and expert workmanship. The company states that no other boot fits the human foot like a Lucchese boot, and while its designs require more skill and time to create, it is a boot that customers adore. But, how can you be sure you have authentic Lucchese boots?

Authentic Lucchese boots can be purchased at Lucchese boot dealers. You will not find genuine boots at flea markets, discount retailers or street vendor booths. Some online vendors, such as Zappos, do sell authentic Lucchese boots. Verify that the location you are purchasing the boots from is a Lucchese dealer by going to the Lucchese website.

Examine the leather closely. Lucchese Boot Co. uses only the finest grades of leather on its footwear, and great time is taken in the cutting and forming of the boots. If the leather is not real or seems of poor quality, the boot is most likely not Lucchese.

Check the construction of the boots. Genuine boots will have hand-driven lemon wood pegs in the construction. The seams of the boot are double sewn -- first by machine and the other by hand. Checking the seams is a good way to identify a Lucchese boot.

Contact the company if you are still unsure. Representatives at Luccese Boot Co. can assist you in determining if your boots are authentic.