How to Hold a Classroom Christmas Celebration

Christmas is the most popular holiday of the year for most people, and with good reason. Children love it for the presents, and adults love the goodwill and joy that fills the air. Christmas can be a sensitive holiday to celebrate in the classroom, but with some advance planning and allowances for parental concerns, Christmas--or Winter holidays--can be celebrated by the teacher and the students.

Obtain permission. This first step is very important. Some schools do not celebrate Christmas due to the fact that it is a holiday with religious origins. If your administrator decides not to give you permission to hold a Christmas celebration, consider holding a "Winter Holidays" celebration instead, or even a "Welcome Winter" party.

Contact the parents. Send a letter home with the students explaining your ideas for the party, including when, where and what time. Include a space for the parents to offer any objections. Emphasize that the party is supposed to be a fun time for the students to celebrate together.

Plan some lessons around the party. For example, if you are celebrating Christmas, take some time to learn about how other countries celebrate Christmas, or how Santa shows up at their homes. If you are going with a Winter Holidays theme, you can study Kwanzaa and other December holidays.

Ask the students to choose and create decorations for the party. This will help them to become excited for the upcoming celebration. Vote on some games to play during the party, and food items to bring. Then, spend some time creating decorations such as garlands made of snowflakes, or Christmas tree placemats.

Consider asking the children to bring a gift for families in need, if your demographics allow it. Teaching the children about the joys of giving rather than receiving is really what Christmas is all about.