How to Hang Ties

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Hanging ties on clothes hangers — or even folding or rolling them — can work for fast, simple storage. However, only a dedicated tie rack will keep your ties organized and in one place without taking up a lot of precious closet space. Storing your ties correctly means they last longer and will always be presentable -- unwrinkled -- and ready to wear whenever you need one. Having a wide range of ties in a mix of colors and patterns is essential for a well-dressed man because they add a bit of flair, color and individuality to a suit and dress shirt combo.

Tie Racks

Tie racks are convenient for storing ties, and they have the added benefit of letting you see all of your ties at one time, which helps in choosing the best option for pairing with your suit. While some racks can be screwed directly onto a door or wall, a sliding rack in your closet lets you take your ties out and see them in full daylight. Use more than one tie rack if necessary. Crowding your ties prevents the fabric from breathing, making it more difficult to eliminate odors and encouraging wrinkles.

Other Options

If you must hang your ties on clothes hangers, avoid the thin wire ones because they can create a crease in the tie. If you are choosing plastic or wooden hangers, check for sharp edges or nicks beforehand so that your ties don’t get caught, which can create small runs in tie fabric. This is especially important for silk neckties. You can store rolled ties in a dedicated dresser drawer or in hanging tie boxes, but rolled ties might collect more dust. Rolling ties is a handy way of packing ties for short business trips -- they come out unwrinkled from your suitcase.