How to Get Oil Out of Uggs

UGGS is a brand name for footwear made in Australia. They are made from natural sheepskin and not synthetic products, so they require gentle care. If you love your UGGS, as most UGG owners do, you wear them as much as you can. With all of that outdoor exposure, stains are bound to happen, especially grease stains, which can be picked up from driveways or sidewalks. However, there is a simple method that can help you treat these stains.

Wash your hands. As you will be handling your UGGS very closely, you do not want to add more oil to the sheepskin.

Reach one hand down inside the boot, so that it is underneath the stained spot.

Take a piece of clean paper toweling in the other hand, and gently blot the stained spot. Do not rub back and forth, but blot once, pressing against your hand inside the boot. Pull up the toweling and blot again with a clean piece. Repeat the blotting until you see nothing coming off onto the toweling.

Apply chalk onto the stained spot only. Allow it to sit for five minutes so the chalk absorbs the grease. Use only plain, white chalk.

Take a natural bristle brush and gently flick the chalk off the UGGS. If the stain is still there, repeat the process until it is removed.