How to Get an Ampallang Piercing


If you are interested in the ampallang piercing, then you have certainly graduated from the pierced ear. One of the most invasive piercings known, an ampallang goes horizontally through the head of the penis, sometimes even passing through the urethra. While it is not said to be more or less pleasurable for the man, it may be more pleasurable for a female as the "barbell" is said to hit the G-spot. Here's how to get one.

Do a lot of research before you get this piercing. This is potentially life altering, as you have to sit down when you urinate (if it travels through the urethra.) Think about it, talk about it. Seek out others who have had it and talk to them. Find the pros and cons. And, of course, find someone willing to do it. Search until you find the person you are comfortable with performing the piercing.

Remove your pants for the person who is going to perform the procedure and get the largest erection you possibly can. This sounds truly bizarre but it is true. The head of the penis must be measured so that the barbell is the right length, otherwise you run the risk of the barbell slipping inside the head of the penis (painful) or preventing a full erection (even more painful).

Disinfect the area with an alcohol swab. Especially because you are dealing with the male genitals, cleanliness is of utmost importance. The piercer will be more than happy to wear gloves for his side of things.

Insert the needle through the head of your penis. It should be flaccid at this point. That way there is less blood gorged in the head of the penis and therefore less chance of blood loss. Although bleeding has been known to happen and gauze should be at the ready.

Place the barbell through the newly created hole in the penis. There are a couple of different tools that do this. One such tool allows the barbell to slide onto the needle and be pulled through, while others simply follow the needle as it is pushed through the head of the penis. After the barbell has been placed through, fasten or screw the ends for completion.

Abstain from sex for at least six months. As you can imagine, this piercing takes a long time to heal. It should be disinfected daily as well as bandaged for at least a month. Some ampallang piercings never take and must be removed.