How to Freeze Pork Chops

If you have pork that you want to freeze, you may be concerned it may not be as fresh as it is if you cooked it fresh. But, with some special care, you can be sure that your pork will taste as fresh as it is when you first bought it. Many people like to visit price clubs to purchase whole pork loins to save money. Although they may be saving money, if they don't freeze the pork properly, they might have wasted the money they thought they saved.

How to Freeze Pork Chops

Ensure your freezer is set to below zero degrees. This is the optimal temperature to keep your food in your freezer fresh.

Remove your meat from the store packaging. Place in a special freezer sealable bag. Squeeze out any extra air and seal the lock.

Mark the package with a date. Pick a date three months past the day you are freezing it. This is the day you need to consume the pork by.

Placing pork in a vacuum sealed bag is another way of freezing pork. Place the pork in the vacuum sealed bag and vacuum until all the air is removed.

Pick a date three months past the day you freeze the pork and mark with a grease pen or permanent pen.