What Does Spoiled Meat Smell Like When Cooking?

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While some spoiled meat may have an offensive odor both raw and while cooking, other potentially harmful meat may have no noticeable smell at all. This is why safe handling and storage are so important when cooking meat to ensure that you do not become ill on account of foodborne bacteria.

Spoiled Meat Identification

Many types of spoiled meat will exhibit a soured smell when cooking. Spoiled meat also tends to have a slimy and dull finish to it, and may have discoloration on its surface. However, other spoilage bacteria will present no visible clues. Always store meat refrigerated or frozen to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Eat or freeze beef or chicken no more than two days past the sell-by date and always inspect meat before cooking for signs of spoilage. If you detect off-odors, strange sliminess or any other sign that indicates spoilage, discard the meat without cooking it.