How to Know if Beef Cubes Are Bad

You can avoid the health risks associated with consuming spoiled beef cubes by examining them to ensure that they are safe to use before cooking. Whether you have stocked beef cubes in the refrigerator or need to purchase them, several factors can help you determine whether they are still good. By checking the sell-by date on the beef cube packaging and the meat's odor and appearance, including the color and texture, you can decide whether the beef cubes are spoiled or not.

Step 1

Smell the beef cubes to check for a rancid and sour odor. Microbes present in the meat can cause it to putrefy. You will also detect a foul stench if the fats present in the beef cubes have oxidized as a result of exposure to air.

Step 2

Examine the surface of the beef cubes. If it is covered with a layer of slime, and is sticky when touched, the beef cubes are spoiled.

Step 3

Observe the color of the beef cubes. Brown, gray or greenish beef indicates spoilage due to prolonged exposure to air.

Step 4

Note the use-by date printed on the the beef cube package. Store the beef cubes in the refrigerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and cook them before the use-by date.