How to Freeze Cookie Dough

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If you're planning a large family get-together or holiday party, save yourself last-minute stress by making cookie dough ahead of time. You can safely and conveniently freeze most types of dough for several weeks. Certain types of cookie dough, such as shortbread, chocolate chip and sugar, freeze better than others so keep that in mind when planning your dessert menu. Freezing cookie dough is also handy for times when you make too much and don't want to discard the leftovers.

Form the cookie dough into a neat ball or roll so it's easier to store.

Wrap the dough tightly in plastic wrap to protect it from freezer burn.

Place the wrapped cookie dough into a rigid plastic container featuring an airtight lid, which will further protect it against freezer burn and odor absorption.

Label the container with the type of dough and storage date as a handy reference.

Store the cookie dough in a freezer set at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for four to six weeks. Thaw the frozen dough in your refrigerator before using it.