How to Fix a Crease in Nail Polish

Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images

Oh, the dreaded nail polish crease. This beauty foe usually appears when your nails aren’t completely dry and you try to slide your toes into your flip flops or reach for your car keys too soon. You can however, fix this basic beauty mistake in less than 10 minutes. Using a few expert nail care tips, you can wipe away any smudges or nail bubbles and keep your pedicure or manicure mishap a secret.

Open a bottle of nail polish remover. Fill the cap with the solution.

Dip the tip of your finger into the capful of remover. Spread your dampened nail over the crease or bubble to smooth. Let the newly-smoothed area dry for five seconds.

Apply a smudge fixer to smooth out any remaining creases in the polish. Smooth one coat of the smudging product from the base to the tip of the nail to smooth out any bubbles or nicks. If needed, fill in the area with matching nail polish color.

Reapply a coat of clear nail polish over the nail. Let nail dry for 10 minutes.