How to Find Good Prices on Ralph Lauren Polo Clothing

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Do you love the look of Ralph Lauren clothing but can't stand the thought of paying full price? With a little searching and some tenacity you can look like a million bucks in your Polo brand clothing while only spending a fraction of the department store price.

Find a factory outlet store. Ralph Lauren runs "factory stores" that sell clothing from its regular retail stores. The clothes found in factory stores are usually returns, out of season, overstocked or discontinued clothes. You can find a factory story by going to the Ralph Lauren website, click on the "Store Locator" and choose "Factory Stores" to find one near you.

Try an online auction site. You may find deals that are even better than the ones you can find in the factory stores. Be careful bidding on items, though. Make sure they are authentic Ralph Lauren Polo items before purchasing.

Check out your local thrift stores. Look for Polo brand clothing at thrift stores or consignment stores that serve an upscale population. These stores often sell name brand clothing at dirt cheap prices. You may have to hunt to find it, but Polo shirts do make their way to thrift and consignment stores.