How to Embellish a Wedding Dress with Beads

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Beads are but one embellishment option brides have to decorate their wedding dresses. Beads, however, can add texture, dimension and design to an existing wedding dress. While you have the option to take your wedding dress to a professional seamstress to bead the dress for you, you can also bead a wedding dress on your own. Add beads to one area of the gown or the entire gown, but keep in mind that the more beading you add, the more time it will take for you to complete the wedding gown.

Place your wedding dress on a flat surface, with the front of the dress facing up. Determine which areas of the dress you want to bead. Popular areas include the bodice, the waistline and the sleeves of the dress. Follow the seams of the wedding dress to determine where adding beads will embellish the dress. You can sew beads along vertical and horizontal seams.

Repeat Step 1 for the back of the dress. Popular areas to add beads to the back of the dress include the back, waistline and train of the dress.

Thread the needle. Slide the needle and thread through the center of a bead and then through the fabric to attach the bead to the dress. Repeat with each bead you have chosen to sew onto your dress. Double-stitch each bead to the dress for added security.

Tie off each bead with a knot on the underside of the fabric. This way, if the thread breaks, you will lose only one bead and the other beads will not fall off the dress.