How to Dye Hair From Blonde to Auburn

Going from blond hair to any dark color can be trying on the patience and on the hair. Dying hair darker can have drastic results if done in one session. There are safer, easier ways to ease your blond hair into a dark color and have successful results. You can dye your blond hair auburn successfully with a little help.

Apply a lowlighting kit to the hair. Lowlights will slightly darken certain strands, and gradually introduce darker colors to the hair. Dyeing auburn is a lengthy process for blonds. Blond hair is very susceptible to awkward color changes if done hastily, so lowlighting, before any other dyeing, is recommended.

Wait 2 to 4 weeks for the color to set in the hair and a few washes to get the color to be less severe. Your hair will also be recovering during this time.

Deep condition once a week during the waiting period. Dye is drying to the hair and will do significant damage to the resulting color if untreated.

Use the reddish brunette dye kit after the lowlights have had time to set in. Every blond is different, but the rule of thumb is no lighter than mahogany. This dye is your all over base color, and it will seem much too bright after application.

Wait another two weeks before applying the auburn dye. You should still be deep conditioning regularly.

Apply the auburn dye to hair and follow the box instructions exactly to prevent over-processing. The base color should have prepped you hair for the auburn, and made the transition smoother. If the color seems too deep of an auburn allow for the color to fade after a few washes before altering.