How to Dry Chillies

How to Dry Chillies. If you love to spice up your recipes, then you must try using chillies. But if you've ever tried to buy them at the store, you know they can be quite expensive. The smart chefs buy them whole or grow chillies themselves and then dry them before adding them as a secret ingredient to their favorite recipe. Here's how to dry chillies.

Turn your oven on to the lowest possible setting. For most ovens, this will be between 150 degrees and 200 degrees.

Spread the chillies sparsely on your baking sheet. Be sure they are in a single layer. If not, they will dry unevenly and some may burn.

Place the chillies in the oven and leave the oven cracked. Let them sit for one hour.

Turn the chillies after an hour so they each side dries evenly.

Repeat this process until they are completely dry. Then store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place until you are ready to use them for your next recipe.