How to Draw on Shoes & What Paints to Use

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Shoe companies have created a variety of styles, designs and colors to appeal to personal tastes. Beyond this mass-marketed selection is a subculture dedicated to custom-designed sneakers. You can create your own designs by applying acrylic paint to your shoes. The designs can be as simple or as intricate as you'd like--and the process is simple.

Clean shoes with soap and water thoroughly to remove dust and dirt.

Sand the entire sneaker with a fine grit sandpaper until the shoe no longer feels smooth. This will help the paint adhere to the shoe. Stuff the shoes with newspaper to make the surface sturdy.

Draw your design with a pencil. Be sure to avoid areas where the sneaker naturally bends as it will make the paint crack. Avoid the center of the toe box for the same reason.

Paint the design with a small paintbrush. Remember to be mindful of the pencil lines and keep within the outlines. Allow an entire section to dry completely before you move on to another part of the shoe.

Continue painting until your entire design is filled in. Allow the shoes to dry for several hours, or until the paint is dry.

Spray the shoes with clear acrylic spray outdoors. Allow the shoes to dry, in a warm, dry place overnight.