How to Decide to Go Bald

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Decide to Go Bald. Hair restoration products are seemingly everywhere, but some men decide that bald is the look that they want to go for. There are many factors that men should take into consideration before resolving to go bald naturally or to shave off all of their hair.

Look at your head shape. Would a bald style suit you? A man with a cone shaped head may decide that the bald look is not for him.

Talk to your partner about your decision. Your partner may be overjoyed at the possibility of you embracing your baldness. Let your significant other help you decide if baldness is a good look for you.

Examine your hairline. If you have a receding hairline that is getting worse and worse, then going bald is usually the way to go.

Accept yourself. The main factor in deciding to go bald is to accept yourself and decide that you are going to let nature take its course. Either let the hair fall out naturally or shave it off to help it along.

Get inspiration from celebrities. Looking at successful male celebrities who are bald can encourage you to go bald. Famed baldies include Samuel L. Jackson, Cal Ripken and Terry O'Quinn.


  • Women can decide to go bald as well. It is an edgy style and you should expect to get some stares when out in public, much like Britney Spears. Although you will not have any hair to care for, your head should still be shampooed on a regular basis as well as moisturized.

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