How to Create Sign-In Boards Images

A photo sign-in board is a quick and simple craft project you can create for your next special event. You can use signature boards at weddings, retirement parties, sweet sixteens, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs and several other types of parties. Place a photo of the guest or guests of honor in the center and have partygoers write their names and special messages on the board surrounding the photo. The guest or guests of honor will then have a keepsake after the party. It is very inexpensive to make your own photo sign-in board.

Place the chipboard on a flat surface, dark side up, so that the 20-inch length is vertical. Use a ruler to measure 5½ inches from the top of the chipboard towards the middle of the chipboard. Mark the spot with a light pencil mark. Measure 5½ inches from the bottom of the chipboard towards the middle of the chipboard with the ruler and make a mark with the pencil. The pencil marks should be 9 inches apart.

Measure 4½ inches from the left side of the chipboard towards the center using the ruler and mark with a pencil. Measure 4½ inches from the right side and mark with a pencil so that the two marks are 7 inches apart. Use the ruler to create four straight lines where the pencil marks are located and connect the lines to draw a 9-by-7-inch square.

Cut out the square with a craft knife. Use the ruler or another straight edge to ensure your cuts are straight. Clean up any jagged areas in the square with the craft knife.

Place the photograph picture side down on top of the hole created by removing the 9-by-7-inch square. Center the picture so that it overlaps onto the chipboard on all sides. Use acid free tape to secure the picture to the chipboard. Tape along all four sides of the photo so that the picture will not move.

Flip the chipboard right-side up. Adjust the picture if necessary. Use the sign-in board for your next party, wedding or special event. Provide different color markers for guests signing their names.