How to Cover Up Deep Facial Wrinkles Naturally

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The deep wrinkles that, over time, collect around your mouth and eyes are from years of sun exposure, laughing, talking and living. Fighting these wrinkles with surgery, injections and medications is daunting, costly and often painful. Fortunately, there are ways to cover the wrinkles temporarily. Ideally, the cover up works for photos, special functions and occasions when you want to look younger just for a couple of hours.

Wash you face with a facial cleanser. Choose one that exfoliates the skin. Exfoliation removes the epidermis, which is dryer and exposes the softer skin underneath. The soft skin plumps to fill the wrinkles, reducing them slightly.

Moisturize the skin to help it rejuvenate. The moisture also helps smooth out the skin, reducing wrinkles. Moisturizer also helps the makeup cover the wrinkles.

Apply the concealer. Place a dab around the wrinkle and smooth it outward. Blend the concealer into your skin using the fan brush to make sweeping, feathering motions. Try not to get the concealer in the wrinkles. It must go around and over them.

Follow your normal routine for applying the rest of your makeup. Use a lightly dusting of eye makeup and blush, as thick makeup can increase the visibility of the wrinkles. Use the fan brush to help you blend the thinner layers of makeup.

Remove the makeup as soon as possible to help reduce the appearance of the wrinkles. It will make covering the wrinkles easier the next time you need to do so.