How to Cook Steaks Indoors

Cooking steaks outside on the grill is not practical in all weather. When rain or snow is falling, or the heat is unbearable, cooking steaks indoors is an option. As long as you have an oven with a broiler, no other special cooking appliance is needed. Choose a steak such as sirloin, club, rib eye or porterhouse.

Choose a steak that is about 1-inch thick. Trim off excess fat and cut slashes on the top of the steak, every two inches. This is to prevent the steak from curling when cooking. Set the steak on a plate on the kitchen counter for about 15 minutes to allow it to reach room temperature.

Set the broiler rack on its drip pan. For easier clean up, spray the drip pan with a nonstick spray.

Coat the broiler rack lightly with cooking oil. You can either pour a little oil onto a paper towel and wipe over the rack, or paint oil onto the rack using a pastry brush.

Adjust the rack so that it is about four inches from the heating elements and turn on the broiler. Set the broiler pan in on the rack and let the pan heat up for several minutes.

Lay the steak on the heated broiler rack and cook for about 4 minutes each side for rare. Increase cooking time for medium and well. If you press your finger on the top of the steak, it will feel soft if it is raw, and very firm if it is well done.