How to Cook Spaghetti Squash in a Microwave Before Cutting


0:04 everybody I'm chef Mariah that fit

0:07 foodie and today I'm going to show you

0:09 how to cook spaghetti squash and the

0:11 microwave before cutting now the reason

0:14 that I do that is because this squash I

0:16 were to take my knife to it it's pretty

0:19 hard and can be pretty dangerous to cut

0:21 so just by cooking it in the microwave

0:23 first I'll soften it up a little bit and

0:26 then cutting will be that much easier

0:28 and safer so first all I'm going to do

0:31 is I'm going to clean my spaghetti

0:33 squash with eat cleaner fruit and

0:35 vegetable wash then I'm going to

0:38 transfer it to a microwave proof

0:41 casserole dish I'm going to let it cook

0:43 for about three to four minutes in the

0:46 microwave or until it starts to get a

0:49 little soft just make sure that you

0:51 watch it so that it doesn't burn in your

0:54 oven then I'm going to transfer it to my

0:57 cutting board take my knife and run it

1:00 across the center that's going to make

1:03 it so much easier to cut and easy to

1:05 enjoy I hope you try this little tip and

1:08 it makes your life just a little bit

1:10 easier and safer I'll see you really

1:12 soon

1:17 you