How to Store & Keep Zucchini and Squash Fresh

by Ann Craney

Squash store well through the winter.

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Squash is best stored in a cool, dry place with circulating air. Zucchini do not store as well as other squash. Acorn and butternut squash store best in winter, especially if they are mature and have thick, intact rinds. Winter squash can be stored for three months under the proper conditions.


Inspect zucchini for holes or soft spots in the rinds. Use damaged zucchini as soon as possible.

Place unwashed zucchini in a plastic bag. Seal the bag.

Place bagged zucchini in the vegetable crisper of your refrigerator for up to one week. Wash before using.


Choose mature squash with tough rinds. Push on the rind with your nail. If the rind breaks, use the squash as soon as possible.

Cure fresh squash from the garden for two weeks in a warm, dry place.

Place unwashed squash on a rack in a cool spot, not below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not stack the squash. The squash can be stored for up to six months, depending on the type.

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