How to Cook Crabs in a Slow Cooker


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Crab is typically prepared by quickly steaming or boiling on the stove top, but this exquisite crustacean can be prepared in a slow cooker. Pre-cooked frozen crab legs from snow or king crabs tend to be the most readily available and make the ideal addition to your slow cooker. Simply add thawed crab legs, water and butter to your slow cooker, and a few hours later, you'll have moist, succulent crabs legs that no one will believe were slow cooked.

Rinse the crab legs under cold running water. Place the rinsed crab legs in your slow cooker. Add water until the crab legs are barely submerged.

Melt the desired amount of butter -- from a half to a whole stick -- and pour over the crab legs in the slow cooker. Add seasonings such as garlic, dill and parsley to the melted butter, if desired.

Put the lid on your slow cooker and cook the crab legs on high for about 4 hours. Since frozen crab legs are pre-cooked they are ready to eat when they are heated through.

Remove the crab legs from the slow cooker and serve immediately with melted butter and lemon wedges.