How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry With Baking Soda


0:00 Hi, my name is Rachel and I'm the owner of straight fashion site and I'm also a freelance fashion reporter and today I'm going to talk to you about how to clean your silver jewelry using baking soda. So this is kind of cool. It's actually sort of a science experiment; that will be like we're back in elementary school, this is kind of fun. Get out the lab goggles, everything. But really though, this is a, it's Science, there's Science going on in here and it's kind of cool. So what you're going to need first of all is little glass tray, just kind of a little basin to put it in, glass is really the best, not so much plastic or metal. Next thing you'll need is a piece of tin foil. And you're just going to take a piece of tin foil and layer into the bottom of that dish. And everywhere your jewelries is going to be laying you need to have space with the tin foil. So go ahead, take some hot water, put it on the boil while you get the rest of your stuff done. You're going to take your jewelry, put it into the basin and like I said, it needs to be touching the tin foil. The next thing you're going to do is take baking soda, just your average household baking soda. And you're going to dust it over the jewelry. After you've got that on, you're going to take your hot boiling water off and you're going to pour the hot water over the jewelry with the baking soda. Now this is where the Science starts and you just kind of want enough water to cover the jewelry. So what's going to start happening as your going to see, the aluminum foil turning black in some areas and you'll also going to smell sort of like rotten eggs and that's the sulfur being release. So the aluminum takes the sulfur from the jewelry and that takes off the tarnish and everything so it's kind of cool. Again, we've root back here elementary days of Science experiments, you can see it turn black, smell the sulfur, it's kind of exciting. So when you're done with that, go ahead and drain in the bath, take the jewelry out. You want to take a soft cloth, polish it out and that's how you clean your wear silver jewelry with baking soda.