How to Clean Soiled Nylon Jacket Cuffs

by Laure Justice ; Updated September 28, 2017

Clean nylon pink jacket cuffs.

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Nylon jacket cuffs tend to pick up more dirt than the rest of the jacket, because dirt is easily transferred from the hands to the jacket cuffs. Frequent washings or trips to the dry-cleaners will cause your jacket to wear out faster than it should. Spot cleaning the soiled cuffs will make your jacket last longer, because it will keep your jacket looking clean between washings or trips to the dry-cleaners. Quickly removing the dirt from soiled jacket cuffs will also prevent stains that would otherwise become permanent.

Hang the jacket up and fasten the jacket so it stays on the hanger.

Spray a light coat of stain remover on the edges of the cuff, staying away from the jacket fabric, and let it soak into the nylon cuffs for 15 minutes.

Pour a drop the size of a dime onto the cuff near the edge, but avoid the fabric of the jacket. The detergent goes right on top of the stain. Gently rub the soap into the cuff with the scrub brush. Pour another drop when the first drop starts to disappear.

Dip the soft cloth into the cold water, and begin to sponge the soiled cuff, gently rubbing downward, away from the jacket sleeve. Get the cloth very wet, and let the water soak into the cuff along with the stain remover and detergent.

Carefully hold the cuffs under the running water, and rinse until the water runs clear. Inspect the cuffs for signs of remaining soil. If the cuffs are still dirty, repeat the scrubbing and sponging with laundry detergent. If they are clean, squeeze out the excess water and leave the jacket on the hanger until the cuffs are dry.

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