How to Clean Clear Soles

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Clear shoe soles are also known as "icy" soles because when they are new, they have an invisible, shiny look. A big complaint icy sole owners have is yellowing of the soles. As the clear rubber interacts with oxygen on different surfaces, a yellowing oxidation occurs. Unless you plan on stashing the clear soles away as collectibles, they will yellow. You may reduce the amount of yellowing your clear soles have with regular, proactive cleaning and careful wear.

Throw away the paper stuffing that came in your clear sole shoe box. The paper encourages oxidation in the shoebox.

Replace the paper with two or three packs of silica gel. These gel packs deter yellowing while shoes are stored.

Wipe down your shoes with a damp cloth after use. Avoid immersing shoes in water.

Place the shoes in their box in a cool, dark area, like a closet.