How to Care for Chippewa Boots

Chippewa Boots has been in operation since 1901, when it was founded as a logging boot manufacturer for camps in the area harvesting wood for papermakers. At the time of publication, Chippewa still has lines of boots for loggers but also produces footwear for bikers and workers in other fields. Made of leather, Chippewa boots have a reputation for durability but require maintenance, as any sturdy leather boot does.

Apply some leather cleaner using a clean cloth to get rid of any dirt buildup. Allow the boots to dry for the amount of time specified on the cleaner container; usually, an hour or two is enough.

Rub some mink oil on a fresh cloth and apply to the boots, rubbing harder at the seams. You may get some oil buildup, so just wipe it away with the cloth when you are finished.

Rub boot polish on the surface using circular movements. Then, use a buff brush to touch up the finish. If the boot is tacky at all, continue to buff. Finally, put a waterproofing finish on with a fresh cloth.